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Welcome to Cedar Hill!

Cedar Hill Bilingual School is a childcare center located in Belmont, Massachusetts. We offer a Japanese-focused program in a small group environment, with an emphasis on individualized learning and growth.

We’re enrolling toddlers now for Fall 2024, so please let us know if you have any questions, or are interested in enrollment for your child!

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Cedar Hill Bilingual School Storefront

About Us

Hiroe Walsh
Hiroe Walsh Co-Founder / Director
Yumi Grassia
Yumi Grassia Co-Founder / Director

We decided to open Cedar Hill Bilingual School (CHBS) in 2021, as a place where children can experience cultural diversity in a fun and enriching environment.

Having worked together in home and center-based child care for over 6 years prior, we discovered that we had many similar ideas on what the most effective methodologies of child instruction were, and of the benefits of a multi-cultural environment for children. Our shared vision for the school, and our long working history together made opening CHBS as a team a natural decision for us.

The process of opening CHBS has been a wonderful adventure, and with each new child we welcome to our school, it makes the journey all the more exciting. We’ve also been fortunate to have several talented former co-workers come join us, helping to build the CHBS family of teachers.

Our hope and vision is that through learning the Japanese language and its culture at Cedar Hill Bilingual School, children will develop new perspectives, and grow with a greater understanding of the wonders and diversity of the world around them.

– Hiroe and Yumi

Student practicing calligraphy
Student enjoying their artwork
Student and teacher working on crafts


We truly believe the early years of life are the most valuable period for helping children build strong foundations for a rewarding life. We value every moment with our students at Cedar Hill as teaching and learning opportunities.

In creating a safe, warm, and welcoming learning environment, we aim to facilitate opportunities for children to build their self confidence and develop strong self-esteem.

We offer developmentally appropriate challenges and choices to children because we believe such an environment allows children to utilize their problem solving skills to address everyday problems.

We believe that in learning about different languages and cultures, children’s minds will open to see things from new perspectives that help them enhance their cognitive skills as well build a true sense of diversity.

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Teaching Hiragana


Cedar Hill Bilingual School has two missions. The first is to provide an environment that supports and nurtures children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

The second is to include a Japanese language and culture learning curriculum that creates appreciation for cultural diversity in children.

Through these two missions Cedar Hill Bilingual School seeks to enrich children, families, and the greater community’s intellectual and social life.

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Table with blocks


There are three key components to our educational approach:

1. Communication

We value our daily communication between parents and teachers. Classroom teachers will write about the day’s activities in a communication notebook that your child will bring home with them. We encourage parents to add to the notebook any information you’d like us to know about your child’s day outside of school.

2. Reading

Children can learn many things from books, grow their imagination, and get inspired. Reading books daily to the children is an integral part of our educational process at Cedar Hill.

We have also set up a “Mini Library” so that every child can bring books home.

3. Culture

Learning about Japanese language and culture is a key aspect of our curriculum. For example, one component of this for our preschoolers is the practice of Calligraphy. Children can learn to hold a brush, control pressure on the brush, and copy words. Origami is another activity that all children can take part in, which helps build strong fine motor skills and eye coordination. These are not only enriching activities for the children, they are also fun!

Student working on crafts
Students playing in the park
Student practicing hiragana

Monthly Tuition

(subject to change in the next school year)

Day Program: 9am-4pm*

Preschool Class

2 days (T/Th)$870
3 days (M/W/F)$1,200
5 days (M-F)$1,860

Toddler Class

2 days (T/Th)$970
3 days (M/W/F)$1,300
5 days (M-F)$1,960

Fee information

Registration Fee (one time), Material Fee (annual), and Security Deposit are required for enrollment.

Age of children served

‡Toddlers (15 month old – 2 years old)
†Preschoolers (3 years old – 5 years old)


*Early Drop-off (8am-9am) & Late Pick-up (4pm-6pm) will be available with an additional fee.

Toy school bus

Daily Schedule

(Sample of Preschool Class)


8:00Early Drop-off / Free Play
9:00Day Program Open / Free Play
9:30Clean up, Exercise, Circle Time, Snack
10:00Reading and Language / Music Class
10:30Structured Curriculum Activity
11:00Outdoor Time


12:30Prepare to Rest
13:00Rest/Nap (with quiet music)
14:45Wake up, Clean up
15:00Structured Curriculum Activity
15:30Snack, Story Time
16:00Day Program Ends / Extended Program Begins
17:55Extended Program Ends
18:00School Closes

Contact Us

Would you like to know more about Cedar Hill? Use the form below to get in touch, or send a text message to 857-763-1236 (Yumi Grassia).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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